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Am I on?  (thump, thump)  Testing...  Ahem...

Each and every page of Dimetra.net is half-baked to perfection with tender loving care, using my own secret recipe of computers, coffee, and cat hair.  I write all of the site's code by hand, because it gives me strong fingers, brains of raw electricity, and a perverse sense of geeky satisfaction.  I also have no life.

With the invaluable aid of my faithful feline companion, Wilberforce, I have tried to create a fun and safe web site.  Although typing isn't one of Wilberforce's strong suits, he still helps me to ensure that Dimetra.net is of the highest possible quality by occasionally mashing critical keys, such as Escape and Delete.

Wilberforce and I know the visitor is the most important part of any site.  With that in mind, we have kept things as simple as possible.  I am not going to presume that my little web site is sooooo important, that you should spend time creating an account just so that you can use it.  There are no plug-ins nor streaming media here.  You don't have to watch itty-bitty, dinky movie clips the size of your thumb.  Any movie clips will open in the player of your choosing... whatever your computer is set up to use.  There are no also pop-ups, spyware, adware, malware, cookies, JavaScript, water leaks, nor bare wiring.

Dimetra.net is still evolving... learning... growing... each moment moving closer to becoming a conscious, sentient computer.  I have worked very hard to make it the best it can be, but it is always improving.

Site History

Dimetra.net once was a computer gaming site (in versions 2 and 3), but ceased to function shortly after a sudden, albeit puny, display of pyrotechnics.  The old server let out a blood-curdling squeal the likes of which I have never heard before or since from any electronic device.  Alas, it seems that once all of the magic smoke is allowed to leak out of a computer, it never again computes with its old spunk.  As the final straw, I found the backups were bad.  A total loss at that point, the site stagnated for quite some time while I worked up the gumption to start from scratch.

(For those not from the Southern U.S., gumption is something kinda like "people gas".  Ewwww...  Okay, mebbe that wasn't the best definition...)

Now in its fifth version, Dimetra.net is moving in new directions, away from being a gaming site.  Most of the gaming info has been lost, and there are frankly far better sites devoted to gaming.  If feedback warrants, one day I might delve into the digital garbage that is the salvage of the old site.

"Dimetra" was the name of my main game character, my pride and joy, on the online game Asheron's Call.  The site takes it's name from her, since she has become my "alter ego" to many people.